The Cost Management Challenge

Organizations spend millions of dollars to run their day to day business operations. The question is whether these monies are spent in an effective and efficient manner thus delivering maximum value per dollar spent.

The vast majority of organizations overspend on the items they classify as 'non-core' or 'in-direct' costs. By eliminating overcharges through efficient procurement, companies can unlock significant bankable profit. That said, a general familiarity with a specific non-core cost categories is not enough. Efficient procurement requires detailed, up-to-date knowledge across hundreds of cost categories. Such expert knowledge cannot be retained in-house.

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How PMA Canada Can Help

PMA Canada offer their clients a risk-free arrangement to increase profitability by achieving cost savings on day to day business expenses. This is all done without any reduction in quality or service, and, with minimal involvement of their client's time.

Our model is simple, we only get paid on results. No Savings equals No Fee.

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The Outcome

Over the last 10 years, PMA Canada has worked with over 60 Mid-Market companies to find average savings of 45%. These are hard cash savings that can be isolated, banked and seen on the bottom line.

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