How PMA Canada can help

PMA Canada identifies procurement efficiencies and increases the value delivered by suppliers

PMA Canada offers you a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution to key business and cost management challenges.

PMA Canada identifies “Profit Leaks” in your business expenses and improves the value received from suppliers of business products and services. PMA Canada is able to create significant cost savings by reducing overhead expenses without reduction in quality. With a huge spectrum of specialists constantly expanding their expertise across multiple sectors, we have the resources on-hand to deliver the results you need.

The Process

PMA Canada takes an intelligent, holistic approach to reducing indirect costs and overhead expenses. We dedicate ourselves entirely and solely to this process.

The basis of our influence stems from four core attributes:

  • Time - Many managers find it difficult to dedicate time and energy to the cost reduction process, particularly to those expense areas that PMA Canada specialize in. Cost reduction is PMA Canada's core business and all of our time is dedicated in reducing client costs.
  • Supplier Network - We have established a qualified network of suppliers. Over the years we have developed knowledge of policies, practices, strategies and tactics of the supplier markets. While we do not act as brokers for these suppliers, many offer PMA Canada clients superb value simply because of PMA Canada 's involvement.
  • Aggregated Buying Power - Because we act on behalf of numerous organizations at any given time, we enjoy a level of buying power not normally available to most companies.
  • Professionals Analysts - PMA Canada specialist are highly skilled and trained in negotiation. Most of us have an accounting, engineering and management background. We are broadly informed about market changes and state of the art techniques for cost containment. We continually explore new categories for helping companies save money.

Zero Financial Risk

At the very core of PMA Canada's beliefs is its compensation model - we only get paid on results. No Savings equals No Fee. Our recommendations are always based on thorough and unbiased investigations. Our singular goal is to provide cost reducing solutions to our clients while maintaining or enhancing the level of service.