The Outcome

Over the last 10 years, PMA Canada has worked with more than 60 Mid-Market companies to find average savings of over 45%

By eliminating waste and streamlining costs, PMA Canada has unlocked an average savings of 45% for 60 Mid-Market companies. These are hard cash savings that can be isolated, banked and seen on the bottom line. PMA Canada's process has always been unobtrusive and requires little of the client's staff time.

Our results based fee structure means that we have a vested interest in achieving the best possible value for our clients – our livelihood depends on it.

The PMA Canada Advantage

PMA Canada brings an objective, outside perspective that will challenge your thinking. We often scrutinize costs that have been overlooked for years or when internal purchasers believe costs cannot be reduced. What’s more is our efforts will show both your employees and suppliers that you are serious about cutting expenses- staff become more cost conscious and suppliers more competitive.

Our aim has always been to make procurement deliver more. We’ve developed extensive expertise and proven approaches to eliminate waste and inefficiencies. We are never satisfied with the status-quo as we strive to enhance our performance. And your results.